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Services Offered by Maginnis & Carey

Reading Between The Numbers

Before we begin an accounting, tax, or consulting project, we learn everything we can about our clients, their needs and objectives. We tour their facilities, work with their staff, examine operations and management information systems and report our findings to management.

Increasing Profitability

If we see ways to increase profitability, improve efficiency or strengthen internal control, we let our views be known. Planning for expansion? Need financing? Investing in new software? If so, we have constructive advice to offer. Simply put, we're accountants and advisors who understand your business.

We focus on areas of business we know well from experience. Manufacturing, Distribution, Real Estate, Construction, Professional Practices, Hospitality, Healthcare and Forest Products. We've invested thousands of hours in each, handling all forms of accounting, tax and financial matters. Our clients benefit from the business acumen and insight we have acquired through our work.

Advice That Adds Up

Naturally, we're in a service business and we've designed our systems with that in mind. Every Maginnis & Carey client is assigned both an engagement partner and a backup executive with additional support personnel as warranted.

Clients have direct access to their accounting team and recieve prompt attention to questions and needs. We also utilize the latest technology and software to enhance our productivity, efficiency and communication capability.

Business executives and investors are interested in building value, saving taxes and planning for the future. Maginnis & Carey is helping clients accomplish their objectives by adding value to their business - consulting, advising, researching, reporting and actively supporting our clients in countless ways.