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The key to providing exceptional service to our clients is to provide our staff with the resources to continually strengthen their professional careers. Our Continuing Professional Education (CPE) program is designed to provide our staff with the tools and knowledge necessary to develop their abilities, advance in the firm, and ultimately meet the needs of our clients.

Through our affiliation with Allinial Global, we offer the following programs to our staff:


Executing Audit Engagements: Helps auditors assume technical responsibility on audits. The program introduces effective and efficient planning and skills used in final fieldwork. It addresses the more complex and involved audit areas typically performed by experienced staff. The program includes numerous case studies on common issues, but also helps staff understand tasks and responsibilities beyond specific audit areas.

Introduction to Audit Engagement Planning and Supervision: Builds on the technical experience of auditors and introduces them to tips and techniques needed to begin daily supervision of in-field staff. The program includes case studies on risk-based audit planning, budgeting and time management, reviewing audit documentation, performing strong analytics and getting the engagement "out the door."

Advanced Audit Engagement Planning and Supervision: Moves experienced in-charges beyond the basics. The program helps participants understand how to adapt supervision styles to different situations, manage multiple projects and assume a more significant client service role, including providing constructive management feedback. It also includes topics on using interim procedures, analytics and internal controls to improve audit quality and efficiency.


Leading Engagements: Is designed to help individuals manage audit &/or tax engagements/projects and supervise staff.

Leading People: Is designed to provide practical understanding of the management and motivation of yourself and others as well as help you improve your interpersonal skills.

Leading Through Managing: Is designed to help managers develop the skills to lead people and teams, communicate effectively, coach and counsel, solve problems, manage projects, develop business and discuss the state of the public accounting profession. This program goes far beyond the introduction of principles, but encourages and facilitates the application of these skills on-the-job. The format of the program includes four, two-day sessions over 12 months. The program will help build and reinforce a leadership culture among the managers in your firm.

Leadership Development Program: Includes a practical, results-oriented curriculum to develop a leader's knowledge, skills and abilities, as well as to motivate the next-generation workforce into helping create an agile, client and market-driven environment. The format of the program includes four, three-day sessions over two years.

Leadership Development Graduate Program: Focuses on topics that will build on existing leadership theory to provide advanced insight into an individual's development as a leader. The program explores the importance of emotional intelligence and its role in the success of future leaders, as well as the change management theory. The program also provides an opportunity to reflect on individual successes and challenges in the personal leadership development experience.

Executive Leadership Series: Is an annual series of programs addressing rotating leadership topics.


Individual Income Taxation and Overview of Corporate Taxation: Is designed to provide individuals with comprehensive tax training pertaining to individual income taxation, basics of C Corporations and basics of S Corporation tax preparation. Tax areas affecting all types of taxpayers will also be covered in depth (i.e., property transactions). All recent tax legislation enacted before the presentation date will be emphasized throughout this course.

Comprehensive Corporate Taxation and Overview of Partnership Taxation: Includes closely held corporations, an introduction to partnership taxation and an introduction to fringe benefits. All recent tax legislation enacted before the presentation date will be emphasized throughout this course.

Advanced S Corporation, Partnership Taxation and Overview of Multistate Tax Issues: Is a comprehensive tax training course that includes coverage of advanced S corporation case studies and issues, comprehensive coverage of partnership and limited liability company tax issues and an overview of multi-state taxation. All recent tax legislation enacted before the presentation date will be emphasized throughout this course.

In addition to the courses mentioned above, the firm also participates in programs sponsored by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and the Oregon Society of Certified Public Accountants (OSCPA) . The firm also sponsors numerous in-house training programs on a variety of tax & accounting related topics.

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